Producing a musical freestyle will take about 3 weeks and is a pretty impressive process;


First of all you need to send a DVD or digital video file containing the kür. On the contact-page you will find all the relevant information. Note: it’s important to shoot the video from letter C (the place of the head of the jury), preferable using a  tripod.

After receiving the video we’ll discuss  which music will be used for the kür (this could be music of an existing artist or band, but could also be an original composition by Jeroen Hendrix).

Producing the kür:

I start making a so called tempotrack, where the correct tempi will be set during the kür. This really is the base of the musical freestyle.

After I produce the basic tracks, I colour them with high quality sample-software and live instruments.

Then comes the finetuning, to ensure  every line will be pinpointed using accents or other musical changes.

The time has come to show the  temporary final result to the client. The music will be edited underneath the video images. Remarks form the client will be used to finalize the musical freestyle.


At this point I’m almost ready making your musical freestyle, but first I’m going to mix (balancing all volumes of the instruments) and master (making the music sound right on every sound system).

After the payment of the invoice has been done you will receive the final result on 1 DVD (including the video images) and 2 CDs (for competition and practice) and of course they will contain a tailor made cover.

If you have any questions, please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.